Carleton University was founded in 1942

Carleton University was founded in 1942, located in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, is Canada famous comprehensive public University. 2012 the school is Canada’s most authoritative magazine of the McLean Canada comprehensive University of 7th place, is a dynamic research University. Internationalization is the Foundation of Carleton University, is committed to the pursuit of objectives in the field of international education leader, with 85 of the 33 countries of the World Government and the University established a student exchange agreement.
Carleton University is a University in English schools in the news media, economics, public administration, biochemical technology enjoys a high reputation in the field. Ottawa, Carleton University and University of cooperative education, making full use of and share resources.

Advantage features
Carleton University School of journalism was recognized as Canada’s best journalism schools, to provide students with a lot of the domestic media, internship opportunities for local radio and TV stations, allows students to apply classroom learning to practice well.
Carleton University-Canada many of the leading high-tech enterprises and research institutions closely makes school research has been a leading position in the high-tech field. Because the school’s reputation in high-tech areas, related professional graduates of Carleton University to become Canada’s most famous high-tech networking company Nortel network of choice for companies looking for employees. In addition schools with Nortel Networks Corporation, Calgary and the University of Toronto was awarded the joint contribution of good cooperation in all universities in Ontario, the school was also awarded Canada the highest teaching award, the largest number.
Carleton University offers students a variety of support services, including the provision of part-time opportunities and full-time summer school information about job opportunities. Outside of Carleton University offers the following services: the provision of accommodation, airport, school registration, arrangement offers health insurance, bank accounts, help students buy bus monthly pass, safety education, environment, assisting shopping, renew schools.

Campus environment
Carleton University campus life and positive, colorful. Concert Hall, theatre and Visual Arts Center, fitness and gym, recreation center, 50-metre indoor swimming pool with diving Tower, diving board, 9 squash Hall, 5 outdoor tennis courts, football pitch. Outside the school, there are many cycling, distance running, rowing and rowing, good place for hiking and camping.
Carleton University in Ottawa, Ottawa environment beautiful, clean, safe, and vibrant, with many world class museums and art galleries, is known as the Mecca for international conferences and tourism, sports, held annually more than 60 kinds of Festival activities, which is a multilingual international city, with English and French. Ottawa multicultural, with a range of different styles of restaurants and cultural activities. Carleton University students to other students where you can enjoy daily access to facilities, such as the National Arts Centre, Museum, National Gallery, Parliament House and the Rideau Canal, and Rideau Canal in the winter is the world’s longest skating path.

Carleton University was founded in 1942, located in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, is Canada famous public University. Carleton University campus is located in a beautiful, sparkling Rideau R. and bordering the Canal, Carleton College Governments from Central is only a few minutes and enjoy the opportunities offered by many organizations and businesses. Many high-tech companies around the University of Carleton’s campus helps schools improve science teaching to solve practical problems in life. School and the University of Ottawa has a variety of teaching activities of cooperation and resource sharing. Carleton University faculty have very high qualifications and a wealth of teaching experience. This is training for students from more than 100 different countries have very good help.

Carleton University offers 65 projects in the area of studies and research, news, respectively, film studies, engineering, technology, and international studies. Over 2000 outstanding faculty and staff education 26,000 students. Carleton University innovation and internationalization of dolls in scientific and technological research, trade, Commerce, social networking, art has a great help.
Student is a VIP at Carleton University, Carleton University campus and dormitories as well as in a variety of projects reflects the diversity of cultural and social activities to help students develop and learn.

2016 U.S.News World University Rankings-No. 494
2013 Canada comprehensive university rankings-6th place

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